Report on independent hotel performance

A STR special report on independent hotel performance across the Benelux and Western Germany

Benelux Performance Summary

Overall 2018 performance for the Benelux region reflects year-over-year growth in all three countries. The highest RevPAR % change was achieved by Belgium, which led the region with almost 10% more growth than 2017. This growth was supported by a healthy increase in room demand (+6%), showing that the market has fully recovered after the terror attacks of March 2016. Belgium’s occupancy level of 73.8% was the highest for any year in STR’s database for the country (dating back to 1996).

Luxembourg is the only country in the region that ended 2018 with decreasing room demand (-3%), but the country achieved positive RevPAR performance thanks to moderate growth in rates (+2%). Occupancy, however, decreased by more than 4%.

Following the same trend of the region, the Netherlands closed 2018 with a 6% increase in RevPAR fueled by rates, and it was the country with the highest number of new rooms coming to the market with 2% growth in supply.

The first quarter of 2019 began with slightly negative performance figures as the Netherlands ended Q1 with a RevPAR decline of 1.8%, mainly driven by loss in rates (-1.6%). While supply keeps increasing with new rooms entering the market, demand has maintained at a moderate growth level and increased 3.5% in the first three months of the year.

Luxembourg’s room demand comparisons returned to positive territory with a 4% rise over the previous year, which helped the country achieve almost 7% growth in RevPAR to a level of EUR96.

Belgium’s booming performance continued in 2019 and RevPAR grew 6.5%, fuelled by growth in rates (+4.3%), while occupancy grew 2.1%